At the Breezy Hills Rehabilitation & Care Center, our nursing aides and senior care experts receive questions about what to expect from a good nursing home every day. Most of these inquiries come from concerned loved ones researching for their aging parents or disabled relatives.

Looking at long-term care facilities and determining which one can cater to the specific needs of a loved one can be tricky, but our professionals are here to help. In this article, our care experts will outline the different types of senior care and rehabilitation centers and how to choose which setting is the one for you.

What Is a Nursing Center?

A nursing center, also known as a nursing home, is a facility that provides high-level care for seniors and disabled people who do not require hospital confinement but can not reliably care for themselves at home. According to the CDC, you can find over 1.7 million licensed nursing home beds in the United States, and 1.3 million seniors occupy them. Members of the Baby Boomer generation are now reaching their early-to-mid 60s, causing the demand for high-quality senior care to grow.

Nursing homes hire doctors, nursing aides, skilled RNs, and therapists to deliver personal and medical care to seniors. Some nursing home residents require long-term care, while others only need to recover from recent surgery, illness, or impairment.

What Can You Expect from a Senior Care Facility?

Nursing homes serve a broad range of patients. While some are licensed to serve a population with progressive illnesses, others can only provide for housing and lifestyle needs. You can find seven types of assisted living facilities in the United States that offer long-term and short-term care.

Independent Living Apartments

Independent living apartments serve patients looking for a community that shares their hobbies and interests. Seniors in these facilities do not require medical or personal care to conduct everyday life-sustaining activities.

Adult Homes

Adult care homes, or ACHs, serve seniors and people with disabilities inside a single-family residential setting. They work under license from the government, providing personal care, medical supervision, meal preparation, and housekeeping for their patients.

Enriched Housing

Enriched housing facilities work like adult homes, but their residents live in separate housing units.

Family-Type Homes

Private operators establish family-type homes to offer housekeeping, personal care, and medication tracking for groups of up to four seniors in a residential setting.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities offer medium-level care for seniors who need case management, board, room, and skilled nursing care but do not require 24-hour supervision.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, also known as lifecare communities, deliver long-term care for patients who want to age in place. Their residents can transition from one level of medical care to another as their health requirements change.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home is a high-level medical care facility that offers 24-hour supervision for seniors. They offer short-term and long-term admission programs that involve therapy, psychological counseling, and many other services.

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Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

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